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Option for DEM and barometric height on dashboard

Jürgen shared this idea 5 years ago

I'd love to see more parameters for the dashboard editor.

I want to make some research regarding the height precision of GPS compared to barometric height compared to the DEM values for the current position.

For this I hoped I could configure those values in the dashboard view.

Maybe you could add some more fields to the dashboard editor to display core data from map and sensors.

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Good day Jurgen,

when I look on your proposal and ask myself : "is this useful for hike & bike activities", I'm sure, you know my answer.

I believe there exists applications on Google Play that allows to record a current sensors and analyze them, so I suggest to use them instead of adding extra items into Locus Map that will have really low usage for common usage.

As alternative, you may vote for similar idea here, that, if implemented, may supply extra application and may allow to do some post-analysis.

Thank you for understanding.


@Menion, thanks for your answer. I already tried some of the sensors tools but did not find one that can read and handle DEM files for comparison to GPS Data. Currently the only thing I can do is postprocessing my gpx records, but there is no way to compare data on the go. Currently I can get the DEM height from Locus by marking a point and gettin the POI information. So basically Locus can access the DEM Data and display it in POI information. So my idea was why not allow to show it on the dashboard.

Anyways, I respect your position to not bloat Locus with rarely used features.



understand. Point with DEM data is logical. Visibility of extra items is really something I do not want to do, anyway recording and post-process of recorded data is something I may imagine. Thanks

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