Option to turn off DNF caches appearing with blue :-(

Jonáš Veselka shared this idea 4 years ago
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I'm missing an option to turn off displaying geocaches which I logged with DNF as a sad blue smiley. The cache type is much more important information for me then a previous unsuccesfull attemp.

Plus, in this case, the computed coordinates indicator is missing.

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There's been a similar idea in the past:


Ideal would have been to show both infos (foundstatus and cachetype) in one icon. Finally it's been solved by clicking onto the caches' icon we can see the cachetype of found/DNF caches. Sometimes I still wish that we can see both infos on the map without having to extra click several smileys first. But in the end it's also ok like it is now.


Hi Sonny, thanks for Your reply.

To see the cache type and solved status on the map without clicking each icon was my goal. Found caches are OK, since I don't need to find them again, but not found caches need to be found :-)

Typical situation is when I want to find a mystery cache nearby. On the map, I'm looking for an [?]* icon – solved mystery – and pick between them.

But I know this doesn't have a simple solution. App would have to learn somehow when to hide blue smiley. Because on one trip, DNF is an important information. So maybe when filed notes are logged...?

Unless this is a problem for many others, I'm fine with an alternative solution by deleting DNF field notes after they are logged.


Even for found caches sometimes it would be nice to see cachetype on map. For exampe if i'm hiking with a friend into a region where I've found several caches. I would like to see at first sight if there's some Tradi within my found caches where I could quickly walk with my friend, and what of the founds are Mysteries, where I don't want to bring my friend.

Or just if searching for a special cache on the map where I knew it has been a Multi in region of 20 found smileys

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