partially hide navigation track

freischneider shared this idea 3 months ago
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I did a tour on the weekend where I had a lot of intersections of the track in it and also used sections twice. Both in the same direction and opposite to the direction. I had not many navigation instructions and had to rely on the optics.

Since I had my problems with the crossings and parallel use of ways.

Is it possible to hide part of the route while navigating (only about 1 km in advance). Then you can see from the optics at least where it goes.

That means .... 1km is displayed as a wide navigation track and the rest of the track as a thin line.

Is that possible ?

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The biggest problem is in the beginning. Later, the area you have already driven is no longer displayed as a wide line.

Even with good navigation instructions, it is a problem. There comes a statement "turn right"

But there are 2 ways to go right. And at the beginning of the tour I use the one and the end of the tour the other.



as this is a new feature request, I'm making an idea from it.

best regards

Michal, Locus team


The hide is a possibility. Another would be at the fork mark the first way with a red arrow and a 1 in it. And the second way with a 2nd Whether Lokus sowas auto recognize I do not know.