Pause during tracking recording

Salatin Gottardo shared this problem 8 months ago

My problem or question :

During recording my cycling track, Locus is going to "pause" after different length of time.

It could be after 1 hour or 2 hours or anything else...

I do not understand why it is pausing.

Could it be a problem in the parameters or something else?

My phone is HUAWEI P10 and after upgrade EMUI 8.0.0 during recording track Locus map inexplicably swich on Pause. What i have to do? Help me

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Good day Salatin,

I'm sorry to say it, but unfortunately, you are the victim of quite a bad Joke from Huawei manufacturer. For us, it is currently unsolvable problem. Please read more:

Till now, I was not able to find out a single GPS tracking application, that works correctly.

Jiří M. aka Menion



I have same problem with my Nokia 6.1 running latest Android 8.1

br. Jean-René Bergé