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Please add an option for not turning on GPS at navigation start

Zoppo shared this problem 18 months ago

I often use Locus with Brouter / GraphHopper add-on for creating routes and

afterwards test the navigation instructions of the route by manually moving the

cursor along the route. This is no longer possible because as of one of the last

Locus versions GPS is automatically turned on at navigation start. I can

manually disable GPS but then navigation does not start at the position of the

cursor (typically start of route) but at the route position that is nearest to the

last known position. In worst case this is the end of the route.

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Settings > Expert settings > Navigation/Guiding > Enable GPS for guidance: Unset.


Thanks for guiding me. I was not aware of the 'Expert settings' because they're hidden by default.



Thank you for answer 0709 :-)

Best regards.

Adela Voldanova

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