Please allow GC-circle tool to be saved and exported

Fykantrollet shared this idea 5 years ago
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In search and rescue work we use a technique called the Bike wheel model. This requires us to draw circles in certain radiuses with regards to probability of a missing person being found within this radius. You have created the geocaching tool "Circle" that works good, but it is not possible to save and export to teams in the field. Since I can find all other features we need in Locus this improvement would really make this software ideal for this kind of work! Please consider it.

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+1 from me

there are some similar ideas e.g.

Till these ideas somedays will be implemented, you can try to use modified OpenAir.txt file

normaly this data are used for displaying "flight areas".

468cfddb3e97cbf9665908da272af549Attached you´ll find simple .txt file you copy to locus/mapItems.

Appearence of these circles depend on:

AC R >red outline, no infill

AC W >black outline, no infill

AC CRT > blue dotted outline, light infill

AC W > purple dotted outline, light infill

You can modify these values with an editor on your device or PC

So create dummy files and add the coords and radius as needed





Great input, I will try this. Thanks a lot!


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