Problem with map switching

Jarosław Strzałkowski shared this problem 36 days ago
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After last update switching map function has severe problem: in most cases it doesn't work at all (it works only in closer zoom and after long delays). It happens for all offline/local maps - including Compass (bitmap) and Locus (vector).

On attached screenshots you may see how it looks on map borders:

From Compass I've bought both parts (east and west), yearlier it switched between those parts without any delay, but now it show only "unknown problem".

On Locus vector map I've bought maps of Greece and Albania but on border maps looks like this - I may only to change map manually.

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Good day Jaroslaw,

did you try latest 3.38.7 version? We made quite a lot of changes and improvements in the latest version(s), so switching and auto-loading of maps should be a lot better than in version 3.38.3.

Let me know, thanks.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Sorry to say, but nothing changed :-( On map border still it looks like on screenshot (I may manually switch to map covering area on left side, in settings I have auto change set on).