Probleme Brouter segment on external SD card

Rudi Cools shared this question 3 years ago


I have a problem with putting the segments on the external SD card.

I followed the procedure "KitKat survival" end search all items on the internet but I can't get it right.

It doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy S edge (Android 7.0) neighter on my galaxy tab.2 8.0 (Android 7.00).

The steps a followed are:

1. New map on external SDcard named "brouter_segments4"

2. Deplaced all downloaded segments from internal storage to the new map on external SDcard

3. Opened "storageconfig.txt" with app. Total Commander"

4. Changed the word "external _SD" in the exact name of my external SDcard. The line is now:


5. restarted Locus

This changements doesn't do it.

Some questions

1.Does the survival KitKat procedure work with Android 7.0 (Nougat)

2.In storageconfig.txt, must I delete the line secondary_segment_dir=/storage/external_SD/brouter_segments4 ( I tryed this but non result)

3. What with the "#" symbol in the beginning of the lines.

4. What is the good position of "storageconfig.txt". In my case I let it on the internal storage in the map brouter/segments4

What do I wrong.


Rudi Cools

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Hi Rudi,

the procedure you describe refers to BRouter settings, not Locus's. Therefore, the restart command applies to BRouter.



Of course I changed things in brouter.

Restart of brouter doesn't change the problem.

brouter doesn't find the segments.



Case closed, everything works fine now.

I didn't do the change in config right.

Sorry for the trouble

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