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Quick switch between Point Priority and Route Priority

Ulrich Kiermayr shared this idea 8 years ago


is there a quicker way to switch between Point- and Route-Priority for Recalculation when Navigating along a track (other than 4 screens down the Settings)?

Reason: When I am on tour I prefer Route Priority (Route is Planed ahead and I want to follow). In the City or when going from A-to-B Point-Priority is preferable (because Route-Priority does not behave to well in that case).

Always going into the Settings (to check and if necessary change) is a bit complicated.

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If it is combined with other settings, like optimal particular Navigation configuration or other settings, it may be worthy to use workaround of Backup/Restore of e.g. Citybike vs TrekkingBike "profile" ( a backup used as profile ).


Idea is solved by Locus Presets. Marking as done.

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