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Road name resizing and north up/track up questions

Charles shared this question 8 years ago

I am a new user and love the application and it's versatility. I have found the Locus knowledge data base but this question isn't answered there. Can I make the road names or designations smaller? In some zoom situations using vector maps the road names dominate the screen.

Also, can I choose between north up and track up? If so, how?


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the size of text labels can be changed only for vector maps: Menu > Settings > Map advanced > (Vector maps ) Text size. You can also influence the size of whole map in Settings > Maps advance > map resolution.

Unfortunately text labels are static images (even for vector maps) - so it's not possible to rotate text labels. More about this is written: similar topic:


Thank you. So, am I to understand that the map is already in North up mode or does it rotate with your heading?


Locus can fix the map view oriented with your device or map can rotate with your heading. You can disable/enable rotation of map with button [8]

If rotation of map is turned on then all labels are rotated also with map background. So in some case could be complicated to read them.

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