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Route planning screen - Define width : width in meters

Fifi shared this idea 8 years ago

Hellooo Locus Team !

Actually, Locus has :

Route Planning Screen -> Tools icon -> Check "Define width" -> Move the cursor to modify the width : units = Pixels

Request :

Should it be possible to add an option units = Meters ? (As it is already in the Recording profils settings)

I imagine that, in this case, a maximum width for the cursor has to be defined somewhere in a settings menu.

Can be useful for scientific missions, search and rescue etc ...

Many thanks !

Kind regards

PS : i feel that for "search and rescue", Locus is probably be the only one GPS app to have the possibility to display a track, translucent, in meters and that you can easily adjust. Track width in meters also means a covered area. I am pretty sure that it could be a huge help (and even an improvement ?) to the Search And Rescue (SAR) traditional methods and that SAR teams could be really interested by this novelty as it offers the possibility to display in real time the visual (or even acoustic) search covered and uncovered areas or to program search patterns, changing the width as they need, depending of the ground, the weather, if a vehicle is used or not and what kind of vehicle is used, etc ...

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Hello Fifi,

I'm checking your idea and possibilities to do something with this. As I see, to make Locus fully usable for some "quick work" with metres/pixels etc. it should require more work. Possibility to edit width of planned track, quick switching between metres and pixels, but also some more quick way to edit width of already existing track, etc. All these extra features are completely useless for most people as you may see on number of votes after first two days.

So I can imagine all this, but have to say, that without direct push from some existing SAR team which would like to use Locus, but only this is blocking factor, I see no big reason to implement it.

Anyway voting is open, it was just my current opinion.


Good day Fifi,

long time no info so hope you have fine.

I've "by accident" found this topic. A year ago, we introduced the brand new system for route planning. In this tool is possible to set the style of the planned route very precise and also option to set the width in meters is there. So test latest version 3.35+ if you are still interested.


Hi Menion !

My best wishes to you you and the Locus team for this new year !

(including of course the wish you will have time to work on ;-) :-) )

Thanks for your comment, the new system for route planing including the option "width in meters" seems to be perfect ! Many thanks for this job !



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