Save Vector Maps bought in the Locus Store

Alexander Bertram shared this question 7 years ago

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to save my vector maps on an external media other than my android sd card for future reference. Is it possible to download the bought maps via a desktop PC?

Maybe I should add, that the Locus folder is not visible on my SD card.

I appreciate for your help!


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+ quote from other post:

"I've bought various vector maps in the Locus Store, that I would like to save on my desktop PC. Is there any possibility other than to copy the files from the SD Card in my Android smartphone to my PC? Can I access my Locus Store Account from a desktop PC?"

You can use a "virtual machine" to buy/download maps on your PC

but this is nonsens to "backup" maps.

And about: "the Locus folder is not visible on my SD card."

What (exactly) have you tried?

feed google with: "android folder not visible in windows"


Hi Alexander,

if you buy vector map in Locus store then you can download it again for free during one year after purchase.

There is no desktop Locus store at this moment but you can copy vector maps to your PC

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