Setting a maximum speed for route planning/estimated time of arrival calculation

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Hi All

( I am sorry but I made very little search in forum so maybe it was already asked or obvious....)

I plan to go on vacations next summer crossing all europe. Now I will use my small SUV wich has a maximum realistic speed of 80/90 km / hr on Highways. All car nav tools (Waze, maps, mappy) are using a max speed based on limitations e.g 130 kmh in France. This makes quite a difference

And suddently I though Hey ! I own the best planning tool ever : Locus ! If one can do it it is Locus...

So, Is there a way to set a max speed in Car profile ? 95% of my trip will be on highway

Or is it a BRouter issue ?

Any hints ?

Thxs in advance

PS : actually it might be relevant in hiking too. last time I had a huge (for me) rucksack and could not walk at 5 kmh so limiting the max speed to 3,5 would have been nice.

I used a different profile, but actually the diffeerences of teh profiles is a bit unclear to me...


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It is not a car navigation system. It is software for outdoor navigation


I know, but believe it or not, in some places it is better than NavSystems. I used it in Chile and it was better than google or Tomtom because of offline maps and detailed tracks. When you want to reach by car the start of a hike, Locus can guide you there while other can't. Also, some people, not me, use it for bycicle. setting max speed might be useful for them too...

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