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Should Locus generate navigation instructions for you. Y-N ?

0709 shared this idea 6 years ago

Course tcx downloads by this very [B] popular website:

Downloaded course only has coursepoints contains "knooppunten" numbers as Generic Priority Coursepoints.

"Knooppunten" system is well indicated and yearly maintained so no real need of (many) navigation instructions.

Out of track deviate mostly by user mistake. Locus gps only need out of track alert, and autorecalculate to next Priority (knoop)Point.

Not detecting any navpoint (L,R,S) internal generator "en masse" produces unwanted navigation instructions.

Because of that, also important information, next "knooppunt" is not indicated into map top info line as except after a last generated turn. In earlier versions Locus friendly offered generator service by asking. So user could accept or refuse. Please reintroduce this more friendly system. Solves the above poblem.

In attachment: Original Course Download and a Fixed one by trick, so Locus does not generate unwanted instructions. (demo only not for daily use).

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Oho, shifted into Idea now ? Popular website in small low countries. Knooppunt system used in Dutch speaking part BE and in NL (and mini part DE) or for Locus "world" concerns only a minority of possible users, so voting = best method to 'kill' suggestion. So other question, can I completely disable internal generator activity ? Time for generator retirement.


We are talking here of coarse about disabling the internal navigation generator based on trackshape !

By Settings -> Navigation -> Advanced settings -> Number of Commands: Low Medium High add NONE.


Good day Willy,

I've changed this to "idea", because current solution is not a problem. It's how thing are made.

Using navigation without instructions is not possible and make no sense, for this exists "Guidance" feature. Anyway in this case, your request is because you have track that has "Via points", and you do not want an navigation instructions right? Then again, why not to use "Guidance"?


Guidance ? I know by:

Was looking for a best Navigation solution. By Navigation Command: extra menu NONE, I hope relatively easy to implement. Pushing usage internal generator without user control is (sometimes) annoying irritating, yes time changes.

Sure, I prefer "Navigation" above "Guidance" why ? ppff...maybe you prefer "Blond" above "Black" why ?

The reference website : - Favourite one because of spartanic short <name> info: 66 + 72.

Additionaly (*experienced) user can add (announced) Info Priority Points !

Other user prefer: - Has more text in <name>, and extra info in gpx <desc>:

Navigation: For me, presents nice Itinerary (route) Informative List inclusive the Icons by recent version.

LARGE service + indicator Button, shows Next Action_distance plus "next after" action with Icon.

Message text in map top line, + gpx <desc> info in future Locus versions, unless my expectations are wrong ;-)

If driving off-track (for any reason) has autorecalculate suggestion (inc instructions) to next Priority Point.

muted recalculate message by: xx.tts -> "track_recalculated": ""- Prefer blond or black TTS ladys to be quiet !

So Menion, some arguments for Navigation you... hmm ..."Blond" ?

* Experienced: Actually +/- complicated (+ free Icon), anyway I suppose an easy task to do in later Locus versions... sometime. No ? Picture: A short traject demo !



Thanks Willy for a feedback.

I prefer black, that's why my wife is blond :).

Oki, understand. "None > Low > Medium > High" sounds good. Implemented!

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