Simplify the saving action for a record track

Karoutcho shared this idea 6 years ago

Hi !

We are using the track recorder everyday on our cycling tour.

To start it, it's very easy. But to stop... it would be much better (for us) if we could stop the recording just pushing the "STOP" button, with pre-saved parameters.

But now, when I push this STOP button, it asks for the name of the track (I always keep the default name), and then I need to select "Save", and then "Close". It takes only few seconds... But when arriving to a place with people welcoming you, it's not very polite to spend 20 seconds on your GPS to save the track instead of saying hello... And as we do that everyday for 2 years...

I don't know if I'm clear.

Not a big deal, but that's a little improvement that will improve our use of Locus !!

Best regards,


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I recommend, to save and then open the the track automatically. If you want, you can then change the name and other parameters by clicking on a pencil-icon OR just leave it by going back.



1. take device

2. wake up

3. tap stop on widget

4. tap save

5. press power button to lock screen

6. put device back to your pocket

7. say hello

With your idea, you are not much faster

because ony ONE step (4) can be improved to "auto save after stop"

or i have missed a detail?


20 seconds ?!

maybe with clothing for the Antarctic ;D

anyway - happy voting and +1 (because why not)


That's not so simple... :)

What I do :

1. Press to show the button "stop"

2. Press "Stop"

3. A pop up ask for the name of the new recorded track : Press "Next"

4. To go out of this pop up : Press "OK"

5. Then I can finally press "Save"

6. Then another pop-up confirme the saving : Press "Close"

7. Then I can say "Hello".

Actually, as I'm a very polite guy, I doing step 6 while doing theses things on my phone... but

I just want to know if the steps 3, 4 and 5 could be skipped (in the parameters).

So I can press Stop, I say Hello while the track is saved... And that's it !

Ok, I know this may sound ridiculous when you read this.

To prevent question : Step one is important for me, to avoid stopping a track just touching the screen not in purpose. I putted it on the dashboard once... Not a good idea !

In real life, I feel like a gigantic geek (maybe I am...).

But if nothing can be done, it's ok ! Locus stay a real fantastic app for us !

For your steps 1, 2 and 5, 6 : I use a handle bar bag : the phone is always in it, not in my pocket !

It is charged by the dynamo of the bike, so it can be always "on".


Or vote for Fully Automatic Track Recoding, then no taps required at all ;-)


While we're on the subject, how about a way to discard the track you've just recorded?

I can't believe I have to save it before I can toss it. Lots of steps involved there...


Stopping track record could be (by checkbox) synchronized with end of navigation

At you've arrived at your destination command navigations turns off (this idea I've seen already posted here) + optionally track record stops and saves (and exports to online service if set) + optionally GPS off ;-P


I think that even this feature do not have a lot of votes, I already miss that few times. Just arrive home, tap stop and close Locus. So in next version will be new settings in track record profile for automatic save after "Stop".




Well... great !!

Thanks. Hope it's not too much work.


No worry, I won't do that if it will be more then hour or two together with some testing. I believe this will be useful, so no problem.


That's just... GREAT !

Exactly what we needed. Great job !

Thanks !

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