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Single tap to show buttons

joeloc shared this idea 5 years ago

It would be nice if Locus could show/hide the UI (aka the toolbars) with a single tap (instead of twofingers/threefingers). I cannot see single tap being used for anything else. Tap-Tap-Hold for zooming should not be affected, because it needs to be quick. Long-Tap for adding points should also not be affected. Single tap on a point/track obviously does something different.

Why? Thousand of other super popular apps (all media players, youtube, godknowswhat) show/hide UI with single tap. Copying this behaviour would be a step towards simplification and is what users expect these days. Also, threefinger-tap (with google style map control) is not possible when holding the phone in one hand.

I am putting this as a new idea since the other topic is over six years old and closed (for the wrong reasons).

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Good day joeloc,

we are talking here about Map screen > Map Control style > Google right? Because I think that current double tap "isn't so bad" in "Locus map style control".

I agree that in all possible apps, single tap show/hide control UI. Anyway, in the case of map app, I see a big difference. Whole screen, whole map area is one big playground on which you may simply tap and if there is something clickable, it will react. This does not happen in photo-browser where you see full-screen photo.

So you still think that one-click should work even if there is a high risk that you will trigger this accidentally (if you miss a point/track with your tap or in case of really short swipe with map etc)?


I guess if you do UI things differently than the rest of the world, you should have an extremely good reason... or go with the flow. These days, almost every newby that I hand over my phone to show off Locus tries a single tap first and is confused than nothing happens. It's simply what people expect for the UI.

I am not sure if tracks and points will get in the way in the long run... I think not... but that remains to be seen. A far bigger problem is that Locus just does not react at all on the most obvious UI action on this planet: a single tap.

I know... we have double-taps... and a threefinger-tap... but none of that is obvious to anybody who hasnt been growing up with Locus. No amount of first-user-welcome-boxes, explanation graphics, manuals or god-knows-what can ever change this.


Good evening,

agree that single tap in most common apps update visibility of content, as I wrote before.

Oki, so let's try it. I've updated inner system for Google-control style > single tap will toggle the visibility of panels.

It still won't solve your "almost every newby that I hand over my phone to show off Locus tries a single tap first and is confused than nothing happens", because a) Locus-style if enabled by default and also b) panels by default can't be hidden. I'm little worried to enable auto-hide by default because, without knowledge of how to show them again, it will be a big problem.

Anyway, for the field test, expect this change in the next Beta version.

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