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Strange voice commands while passing a roundabout

Vitaliy Romaka shared this problem 8 years ago
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Locus Pro, v3.15.2. Android 5. Offline vecor map from + brouter v1.3.2

Dear developers, recently I decided to try locus voice guidance tts features during navigation. Turns, distance are ok, but passing a roundabout is a nightmare. For example I need to take 3rd exit when entering the ring, and Osmand says -take a 3rd exit.... Locus, however, says - take slightly left, then right with all these stupid 15 meters, 17 meters. At a high speed you will definitly miss the right exit, cause there is a delay between your real position and gps data.

And please, add an option to repeat navigation instruction every 5-10-30 min, or something like this. Cause when the road is straight and has 20 km length it would be nice to hear something like move forward for xx km or next turn after xx km. I have 5000 km cycling exp. with osmand navigation only via a headset, and I would like to have the same or better voice guidance in locus.



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This depends so much on how the roundabouts are mapped in OSM (there are multiple ways it could be done), and of course by the logic inside the routing software - which in your case is BRouter, not Locus.

If it's any comfort, I got ridiculous advice the other day from MapQuest's router inside Locus as well. "Take the first exit". No you idiot, it's the second exit; I know this road. Blame MapQuest; I don't know what data they use.

Roundabouts seem to be trouble in so many ways...


Good day Vitaliy and Viajero,

it is important in this case, to make a difference between certain routing engines.

In case of MapQuest - this service compute a shape and also! an navigation orders. So if this service has roundabout in current OSM data they use, it should be also correctly notified in Locus. If there is missing an exit, you may get incorrect number, but at least, it will still work as "roundabout".

On second side, BRouter service compute shape, but do not compute navigation orders!! So if you then wants to use computed route for a real voice navigation, then Locus generated navigation commands from this shape. It has nothing to do with real situation in the world, it generates commands really just from a shape. So on a bigger rounabouts, result should be as you saw, because it is really how roundabout looks ("right" at start, "left" in the middle and later again "right" to exit). So completely useless for a car navigation. On second side, useful for bike navigation (where we do not expect roundabouts. Hope I gave a clear explanation.

About definition of "when to notify" - it is already possible over config.cfg file ( ) with parameter navigation_announcements_times . Hope I've helped.


Dear Viajero and menion, thanks for explanation! It seems to be not a locus problem. I will play with different maps and navigation to get desirable result. With every new version locus is closer to become the only one navigation app for me



Fine, good to hear. Just please keep in mind (and I try to warn everyone), Locus tries to focus on hike & bike, not a car navigation (anyway I personally use it mainly in car for navigation :) ). Have a nice day.

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