Support for lab caches

AntMadeira shared this question 23 months ago
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Hi there.

I've found my first lab caches a few days ago and Locus works ok with them after importing the gpx, even marking them as found, like any other cache.

For my surprise, this addon doesn't handle lab caches. Am I correct?

If so, can this be implemented in future updates?


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Ok, I realized now that it's a bit redundant to have the lab caches log, since they're directly logged at the webpage.

Anyway, it would be helpful to know in which order we've found them.



could you please be more precise what app you are talking about? You wrote that Locus can work with lab caches OK and then you mention some addon that can't. What addon do you mean? Geocaching4Locus or Fieldnotes addon?


Hi, Michal.

Sorry, I mean Field Notes add-on, as stated on the topic's category.