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Syncing tracks with online service?

ulmus shared this question 8 years ago

I wonder if there is a way to sync my all tracks with online service in both directions. All changes made in locus or external service would be visible in all synced devices. Maybe Locus team plan some online services for pro or.... extended pro users?

edit: online service, i mean service with manage/edit and viewing tracks.

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Hello Ulmus,

no such service currently exists as I know. Most close to this question is probably this topic even if it's not exactly what you want.

Some sync mechanism is something we discuss with Peter few weeks ago, and it will be one of next steps we will do on our server. Unfortunately it's quite complex task, so it will take some time.


It is what I am waiting for.tracks logged with locus often need editing and good editor of tracks is welcomed. Editing with finger is not what I want to do and in that case another tool would be good, for example locus online editor connected to the user account which is synchronized with mobile device... I know these are my wishes but maybe someday they will be fulfilled.


I'm almost sure they will, becase we all more and more feel that this is very important. Mainly sync part.


You can use a BlueStacks and install Locus on it. Working on tracks using mouse instead of finger is much more easier. You have to remember to synchronize a Locus folder with data (Locus/data/database) before and after track edit.


I dont think it is a solution for me :( firstly, my pc is under linux, secondly even if i could install then what for? for edit? i know better tools on win or linux for editing tracks then locus. And even that, if i wanted to use locus under BlueStacks what about connecting to PC ports, external gps i am using etc etc, no it is not solution for me. I prefer/wait for locus online tools synced with user account, and now i am using copy/paste to pc over usb to edit gpx.


Hello Users,

Sync Locus Tracks and POI are possible!!

Here my workaround.

Download a Sync App for example:

Autosync Dropbox - Dropsync – Android-Apps auf Google Play

Add follow Path:


This folder include follow Database-Files:






- "Celvere Änderungserkennung" enable

- Download Limit for Upload <50 MB

- skip hidden Files (Filenames start with a dot".")

- enable the Autosync

- "sofort-Upload" enabel

Now i sync in tow ways my Samsung Galaxy S5 to Tablet SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE SM-T819.

It works fine! :-)

IMPORTANT for manual Sync

You must sync your latest used Device.

For example i use most my Smartphone S5.

Sometimes i travel an would like to see my Tracks und POI on a big Screen.

1. Sync my S5 with Dropsync

2. Sync my Tab S2

Now when i edit Files on the Tablet.

3. I must Sync again to transfer the modified Files to the Dropox.

4. now i must sync on the S5

But don`t worry. When you have a conflict the sync app make a Backup before it overwrite on your Device.

For example i forget to sync my S5 and sync first on my Tab.

The Tool sync the Files from the Tab into the Dropbox.

On my S5 i go on Sync and overwrite it with the old files from the Tab and create for example follow files:

waypoints (conflict 2016-11-06-01-43-13).db

tracks (conflict 2016-11-06-01-43-13.db


I`m happy :-)


Christian S.


Hello Christian!

What happens if you add waypoint A in S5 and then forget to sync. Next day you add waypoint B in the tablet. Can the Dropbox tool merge both waypoint A and B into the waypoint file on both units?


Hello Hans,

your ideas are correctly.

When you forget to sync you have a conflict.

The Waypoints / POI and Tracks are save i the Database. You can't merge it!

You can only add manual the missing Waypoint / Track over Export and Import on the Devices.

I test it for you.

1. Export the Waypoints on the Tablet how you forget to sync.

Open Menu Waypoint click on the bottom Button with the arrow -Export - Export-Type GPX - Parameter - Share export Data and send you per Mail.

2. Import on you Smartphone.

Open Menu Waypoint click on the right side one three ponits- Menu -> Import

3. Sync your Files on the Smartphone.

The Sync Tool upload the new Files from the Smartphone and overwrite the old files from the Dropbox.

4. Sync your files on the Tablet.

The Sync Tool proof the Files and check the conflict. The Sync Tool rename the old files to waypoints (conflict 2016-11-12 .... ).

Now it download the new Files from the Dropbox and overwrite it on the Tablet.

Open now the Locus on the Tablet and check it if all waypoints inkl. the manual app Import Waypoints from the Smartphone are complete.

4. When all ok.

Go to local Filepath on the Tablet and delete the Conflict files.

Or go to Dropbox and delete the Conflict files.

5. Sync again on the Tablet.

It works fine, but you must know what you do and the best it you sync your last use Device bevor you use on a second Device.

Dear Christian S.


Works great - Thank you!


Hi All, hi Menion,

Wouldn't this be an opportunity foryour company to generate an additional income stream? Let's assume the following:

  • Asamm Software hosts on the internet the track data of Locus Map useres who wnat to get their track databases syncronized over multiple devices
  • As developer of Locus map it should be relatively easy and straight forward to implement a syncronization algorythm between a Locus Map instance running on an arbitrary device and a central database available on the internet
  • I would propose that you offer this extended functionality as sort of a premium servcie available on a subscription basis (to be paid on a monthly or yearly basis)
  • By doing so you could easily cover the necessary cost for the additional efforts and ideally you could generate over time an additional income stream for Asamm Software because in the long run the contious cost should be constantly lower than the continous subscription revenues

What do you think?

Best regards


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