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Jürgen Gärtner shared this idea 5 years ago
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I use Locus as an universal "all-in-one" tool. Therefore I have also replaced my Garmin/TomTom car navigation device by Locus with OAM maps. It works fine.

One change I would ask for:

If I want to navigate from A-village to B-town and B-town is about 500 km away then the most normal route leads over a highway. The problem for what I need the navigation help is

- how to find out of A-village and

- how to find into B-town?

The 450 km in the middle are uncritical.

Once I am on the highway I want to switch off the Locus device until the difficult approximation to my destination. Not to be missunderstood, I firstly do not want to save energy power - the car's battery is big enough :-)

But the most important reason to switch off the mobile in the meantime is:

Normally these travels take place in summer and holiday season where the cockpit temperature not uncommonly rises up to 50 degrees or more. Even if I have 25° C in the car the temperature of the Locus device (mobile phone) rises rapidly over 40° C if it runs on heavy load during navigation. Already to protect the mobile device's accumulator I have to switch off the phone whenever it is possible. (Commercial navis like Garmin are designed to work until 90° C but also there's accumulator is suffering on high temperatures.)

So my aim I want to ask for is to temporarily switch off or disable the Locus app but without losing the configured route. Currently it is impossible. If I switch off the decive, the navigation process is further working. Maybe others like exactly this behavior.

It could be possible to distinguish between

- switch off with power button and

- minimize first and then switch off with power button

to realize the temporary disable of a configured and running navigation. Or with an additional pop-up question.

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Good day Jürgen,

thanks for the interesting idea. I had the same problem with overheating phone this year, so I perfectly understand your use case.

My solution was to put the phone down from the holder, so down from the sun.

"So my aim I want to ask for is to temporarily switch off or disable the Locus app but without losing the configured route. Currently, it is impossible.". This is anyway not correct. You may

  • plan your trip in Route planner, which may result in route permanently stored in the database
  • or in Navigate to function, click at the bottom to "Show more" which give an option to generated route "Store permanently"

Then should be no problem to stop and later start navigation system in the app. As I think about it, maybe even faster may be a small hack: disable GPS in app or in the system (not guarantee, but may work as well).

Hope this helps? Let me know.


Hi Menion,

thanks for your immediate answer and the hints.

The "Show more" button I couldn't find (using brouter and the latest Locus version).

The workaround to switch off the GPS first ist possible but unhandy because it needs always 5 clicks more and I have to remember it always. And don't forget, it's prohibited to control a smartphone during movement. So I would better prefer a smarter solution, see my suggestion above.

The second workaround to put the smartphone away from windscreen between the seats I've already practiced :-)

Using the "Route Planner" tool is also not the solution because the problem during driving on an active navigation remains. I have to cancel the navigation before switch off. (Ok, after power back selecting a preplanned route is easier but needs unfortunately also some clicks in the moving car which should be avoided.)

So I would encourage you, if sometimes you have a minute, to think over ..

Thanks Jürgen


We were thinking about it a little and what about the solution that uses most navigation apps. Simply close Locus Map to stop navigation and when you restore it, app asks "Are you still heading to city XX? Continue in navigation?"?

This allows to "pause" navigation and restores it with a simple tap (start of application).


What about to save the navigation as a track. I am switching between Osmand and locus. In Osmand it is possible to save the navigation as a track. This is a more flexible solution, so you can satisfy more situations. For example, I am getting hungry, where is the next bakery. So you save your actual navigation, navigate to the next bakery, after that you use the old navigation.

An other example, you have dinner during your trip and you want to plan some other things with locus. There is an active navigation a little bit anoying.


Saving is already possible. It is what I suggested to Jürgen. Do it over Route planner (where is save option in side menu) or over "Navigate to", where is save option in bottom part after you click on "Show more" button.


Hi Menion,

thanks. Would it be also possible only with the power button?

Your answer suggests me that it would take more effort, isn't it? Anyway, I'm sure, you will find a good solution (until summer :-))



Try to understand this, I observed,  I can save the route in the beginning of the planning. I can save the plan. But I can not save the route, after I am forced to follow a diversion. If I have to leave the plan I can not save the new navigation of the recalculation.



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Hi guys,

I only want to remember you not to forget this PR on your upcoming work on Locus 4.0.

It was about the behavior of the power button during a running navigation.

I've prepared a navigation from A to B but I'm still in the hotel. Or I am on the highway but the first 500 km are well known, only the target approach is difficult. In this case I have to listen about 100 times that I should follow the road path only because there are parking places or other branches on the route. Additional the device temperature rises or the battery goes down.

Therefore I would prefer that at least the location services is disabled when the power button was pressed.

That would be compliant with the behavior of the most other applications and even inside Locus when no navigation was started.


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