The idea is to translate everything into Russian.

Vladimir shared this idea 3 years ago

News, articles, notifications, user instructions and add Russian language to the site. This will greatly increase the number of users, distribution and rating of the program and hence the income. Will provide convenience to millions of users. If you say that all in Russian I will send screenshots that only the program itself and then there is half of the information in English. I can help you translate.

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Hi Vladimir,

we maintain all out-of-app outputs in Czech, English and German only for following reasons:

- Czech - we are a Czech based company - Locus was created by Czech developer Menion, our office is in Prague and all internal employees are Czechs

- English - an international language understood by almost everybody

- German - the strongest Locus community is in Germany (20% of all Locus Map Free users, 43% of all Locus Map Pro users)

We are not going to provide out-of-app outputs in Russian because:

- Russians make just 4,7% of LM Free users and 2,4% of LM Pro users

- there's Google Translator

- we don't have enough resources for such task

Thanks for understanding.


Michal, I hear you. That's why you have such a small percentage of Russian users. Because the manual and notification messages are not translated. Do you often install Chinese programs on your device ? Look 2 screenshots from the screen of the device and tell me how you can throw it in the translator? (not to mention on the road or Hiking or fishing). Resources do not need a lot just send me what to translate I will translate for a nominal fee, unlike large companies. I agree about the manual. You can even through the browser Google chrome to translate. But the program in the device must support help in Russian. (I so understand) and she throws on site and is called sailed. I'm not telling you or insisting. I just wanted the best. I see the drawback and its consequences. Say. Can't see not saying. You'll come to it anyhow. It's just that it will become more expensive. And lose time and huge clientele. In Russia, people in the province do not learn English. But the devices are used to and divide them into two categories is convenient and clear and not convenient and not clear, there is still a third - a long time to solve the problem, and it's all too lazy. I understand you heard me. Thanks for answering. Good day.

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