Top Bar Navigation Lettertype .

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Gathering feedback

Large letterype <=> Small lettertype.

Auto fit large(r) text by move <=< action.

Select lettertype by (config.cfg)

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Good morning Willy,

please specify (on the screenshot) about which texts we talk about, thanks.


Large letterype <=> Small lettertype

Older eyes <=> Younger eyes ;-)



Ah this, ok.

To be true, I do not like more and more these top labels.

Because I really hope to completely change main map layout together with these labels, definitely expect, it will be improved (hopefully) this year.


Same her.

I drive motobike and i want to see the arrow and distance much BIGGER.

- indicator of the shape and distance of the next two turns (arrow box) (2)

too small: maybe 50% of the screen, maybe flexible

The distance (BIGGER) and the distance of the two turns on the left side

Or as an overlay 80% of the screen

Or Only the arrow and the distance of the two turns

See photo

- street name/road number indicator (1) -> on/off

- Distance to target (3) (default) -> on/off

- Time to target (4) (default) -> on/off

I hope you understand what is difficulty with a small arrowbox.


...To be true, I do not like more and more these top labels.....

Please keep the arows and the fields for time to target and distance to target. :) (Comment from a fresh Brouter user). On my motorbike I use iGO with a skin that gives me a bigger central arrow at a (customisable) distance before the spot. See image.


@Henk van der Spek

I like this image. That is what I want.

Maybe the distance (m) on the right side, next to the arrow, and little bigger

Size like the arrow :-)

However, only at LOCUS

That would be great.


Hé he, expected only to be able to select a litle bit larger text size for the standard top bars display. That's all.

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