Track analysis and modification features: Bugs and ideas

Hans-Peter Schöner shared this question 18 months ago

I have recentlyused the track analysis and modification features quite intensively, and Idiscovered some chances for improvements:


1. Track Info: after editing the description,this does not show up in the main menu of the track, only after leaving andreentering the menu. è refresh the main track menu after editing.

2. After somemodifications of the track, like splitting, it is not quite clear in which partof the track the following modifications are ongoing. Especially, if you deletethe original track, it seems you are still editing in the original track, and editingthe description vanishes. è if the original track is deleted, leave the track menu (or move to a newtrack and indicate the track name which is edited).

3. Whenediting the track points (like shifting points with bad gps reception to animproved position) the modification is not made visible (only after complete endof editing session); multiple modifications might lead to unpredictableresults. è refresh the shown track after eachediting step.

4. When atrack is split after modification of single points, those modifications are lostand do not show in the subtracks. è before track splitting save allprevious changes.

5. Althoughthe information is in the tracks, start and end time are not displayed in theinformation menue. è include those items in the display.

6. When importingPOIs: the folder into which the points are imported should be preset to the selectedfolder.

Some proposals for new / improved functions:

1. When splittinga track, it would be good to have an option to rename the new tracks accordingto new starting time (similar to the default name preset) instead of ending _01and _02; that could also/alternatively be an option in an overall track menu.

2. Enableediting of the tracks from charts (over time or distance), in order to:

- delete segments (to get rid of pauses or bad gpsconnection in buildings).

- split into subtracks, with option to autorenameaccording to (new) starting time

3. Whendisplaying the info details of a track point, make it possible to move to thenext or previous point (like in editor mode with the two markers in bluecircles); this way you don’t have to go up and down two menu levels for thisfunction.

4. Cuttingout a section should have an option to save the cut-out part as a separate track(with option for new track name according to starting time); this would allow,for example, to separate a hiking part from a total day travel track.

5. Thecut-out of a track section should have the option of leaving a gap / pause inthe track.

6. Itshould be possible to set the “Activity” differently for each section separatedby a pause.

7. It shouldbe possible to draw the track with different line styles depending on activity.

8. Statisticsin folder “Sections”: option to define sections between track pauses, hereactivity could be displayed as well (and/or modified).

Thanks for considering these points !


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Hello Hans,

thanks for the really complex report. Just please next time, split it at least to topic with "bugs" and every new unique idea, wisely chosen to separate topic. Such tasks are really really complicated to handle, because some issues may be solved immediately, some take more time, some may be declined. Hard to track the status of 14 tasks at once, thanks.


1. solved

2. if I understand correctly, solved (detail of original track closed after "split" is done)

3. ah, how this issue happen?? Thanks! Solved

4. probably side-effect of 3., should be solved as well

5. more a feature request. Anyway screen with track detail will be reworked soon

6. may you describe steps to simulate this problem? Thanks


1., 2., 7., 8. quite complicated tasks that should be made as separate ideas, with hope there will be a really big interest. Help desk currently has maybe 1000 un-implemented ideas, so we choose really carefully and slowly, what implement next. And to be true, if this is really not a must-have feature, we rather ask users not to publish their idea, sorry.

3. already existing idea:

4. isn't for this use-case "split" option?

5. do not understand. Cut part is removed from the original track so where should be inserted new "gap"?

6. sorry, but not simply technically possible

Thanks for the very complex post, where is visible that you really use Locus Map app, amazing! It's just too much information at once :).

Thanks for understanding,

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hallo, Menion,

thanks for taking care of the bugs - and really fast!

I had little time to verify it that fast (that's why my answer comes so late), but the important things work well now. I had done track editing in other tools before and it was always a hazzle, and it really works fine now with Locus.

Even no. 6 is Ok: the folder for storing the imported POI is always the one which was used for storing with the last import. I remember that I had started the import function from within a subfolder - in this case it would have been logical to import to this folder. But I do not see any more where my problem was, because I can only start the import function from the top level of the POI data base.

With respect to the "ideas", I understand your point. I think of putting some of them separately under feature request, with adequate titles.

Thanks for your Support !



Hello Hans,

I thank You. I do not use editor for tracks too much, so that's why so many problems passed along me.

Thanks also for understanding my thought regards new ideas.