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Track editor: Quicker access to functions

Ingo Rau shared this idea 6 years ago

I really like the new track editor and I'm using it extensively to correct recorded tracks. That means it would be nice to speed up the workflow - right now, every action needs at least two taps.

What about having direct access to all functions directly at the selected point:

f97d5f6aa3c4a93fbb79d677a9e45541(as there are only 7 functions right now, I added "Add waypoint" to the bottom right, as I proposed in

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Or make it available in a bar at the bottom of the screen?


Hello guys,

quick access to some features is usually needed for a few main reasons:

  • often repeated action
  • complicated steps till action/change happen

but definitely not for an activities:

  • that are used once/twice during some longer activity
  • where is usually enough time and longer path is not a problem

And for me, track editor is definitely feature where is a) expected that user has more time on this task and b) existing functions are used once/twice (rarely more, I know) during editing of single track.

So is here needed super-quick access to these features?

Also suggested method loose two important factors:

  1. clear visual feeling of what certain button do and
  2. flexibility to add/remove "unlimited" number of additional functions.

So sorry, I cannot agree with this idea.


Ok, no prob, was just an idea. Although I'm not sure if you're right about "only used once/twice during longer activity". When I'm editing a track, I'm sometimes doing that a lot.

Anyway, let's just see if there are more "Likes" - perhaps I'm not the only one that would like this to be quicker. ;)


Very reasonable and no sorry needed


Well, I've been using the excellent track editor extensively lately and thought of this many times too.

When you are learning, it's useful to see the Edit dialog with clear explanation of each function. But when you know exactly what each button does it is not needed anymore.


Some functions are used really often while editing - remove the portion of a track, for example.

As for limitations:

1. When using the quick function it is still going to be clear visually what is happening before edit is confirmed. Just the Edit dialog will not appear while using it.

2. As for "unlimited" number of functions - the Edit button will still open the Edit dialog with all the functions. We are talking about shortcuts to the most used ones.


I thought about it again, and I agree with Menion that most function are not used often enough for such a change. I realized that the main time saver would be to be able to multi-delete points quickly. As this was declined, I opened a new idea for this - please vote here:

That way it would also be possible to rather quickly remove a shorter section from a track, which is the function I use second-most often.

@Menion: Just one last takeaway from here: I still think it would be better to rename "Cut inner part" to "Cut section".


Thanks for a suggestion. I've discuss it with Michal and we both agree, that "inner part" is more easy to understand and better explain purpose of this feature ... cut just a part of track out.

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