User-defined BRouter profiles in routeplanner (instead of fixed profiles)

Hans Pluhar shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hallo Locus-crew,

inside of routeplanner we have a fixed set of "active profiles" (walk, cycle,...).

Fixed is: icon, type (cycle, walk,..) and number of profiles is limited. The user can only choose one of this fixed profiles and add a name.


Throw out all this fixed profiles of this sytem and implement a better user-defined profile-system.

User creates his own profiles:

- userdefined icon out of the locus icon-set (icon-folder in Locus)

- userdefined choose of the type of profile (bike, hike, car, ......)

- userdefined decribtion of the profile

- no limit of number of profiles

- a pretty list of this profiles to choose one out of them

Same way, user defines tracks and points.

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looking to the pics you see the problem: this fixed profiles make it, to use an icon "Motorcycle" for the profile "river" i.e. and so on. This makes an curiosus set of profiles, as you can see in pic_1...3.


Thanks for merging and please realize it.