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Using Locus pro as an 'end-user'

cardoen hans shared this question 7 years ago

We want to build with Locus Pro a set of e.g. 5 routes in a region, where we add per route some waypoints with extra (touristical / practical) information.

When this is done,

we want to use the routes on tablets that are installed on bikes that we rent for a (half) day to our customers.

We want to offer the routes to our customers, so that they can enjoy the region, using the navigation and the extra info in the waypoints.

Therefore, we wonder if we can put on these tablets a kind of 'Locus Pro Lite', that allows our customers only

to navigate the predefined route and explore the extra info in the waypoints.

We think it is to complex to give them the full locus pro.

Is this possible? How?

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"We think it is to complex to give them the full locus pro."

Locus Free is is also not simple !

It's "Free" with some restrictions

Please read detailed comparison of Free and Pro versions and check for your right intended usage:


Is there a less complex version?


nope definitely not. Locus is always "complex" B)


Hello Cardoen,

hmm, I have to say that gynta is no absolutely precise. When we talk about existing Locus Map Pro/Free, there is no other solution that use one or another version of app. Sorry, we do not create any custom versions (branding) even for customers willing to pay.

Anyway we are currently working on one small side-project. Small secret. Anyway, try to describe please with short, easily readable list, what exactly you expect from such application. Because words you used - "navigation" and "extra wpt info" are quite wide.



We want to offer routes in a French wine region,

for customers, that will rent an electrical bike or scooter,

on which we mount a 7 " tablet with app with off-line files.

We aim to have 2 versions:


The version of Locus Pro like it is now, that should (by the 'Administrator') be used to:

- Import (from gpx (MIO) routes - edit routes

- Add/edit waypoints with test and attachments

- For the routes, we possibly want to use the ICM Top 25 1/25000 scale maps,

- Save all the routes locally on the tablet, together with waypoints and maps (and even with navigation, if possible?)


The version for the customer that only should be used to:

- open a route with map & waypoints

- use the navigate function for the route

- inquiry the waipoints' information or attachments

- NO EDIT route or unexpectedly remove, add way point, ... no route recording , navigate to, ...


Good day Cradoen,

thank you for a precise description. Perfectly understand, thank you.

What you need, looks like completely modification of Locus that fits your need. Unfortunately in this case, such modification will be useful only for your needs, so for a few devices. On second side, it should be a days of work to make it working as you expect, maybe more. And mainly because we do not do any modifications of Locus Map, I have to say only sorry.

As I mentioned, we are working on one small side project, but your requirements are also too far away from what we plan.

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