"Solver" option in geocache waypoint screen

Locke shared this idea 5 years ago
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Dear Locus Map team,

I would like to suggest to have the menu option "solver" from within the waypoint-screen.

Because when I have found the hiding place and the information I have been looking for, f.eks. a word or a number, I then want to put it into the right variable in the solver.

For now I have to switch back to the main geocache listing by pressing the small icon on the bottom left to jump back into the main listing of the geocache, and then I will have to go through the menu again to the solver to access it.

Please refer to my attached screenshot, too.

Thank you very much for putting an eye on my suggestion and maybe putting it in.

Best regards,


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I also would like this.


Hi guys,

Locus Map itself has no idea that something like "Solver add-on" exists. It all works automatically over Locus API. This add-on has an option to put the shortcut into the known "share" menu of geocaches. I may extend it and allow to place the same shortcut also into "share" menu of geocache waypoints. Anyway, final implementation has to be done by @Sergio Gawalione (main app developer) and based on updates, I'm not sure if the add-on is still developed.

@Sergio Gawalione , is there interest in this idea also on your side?

Well, let's vote and maybe it will convince author (and me) ;).


Hi there,

the addon is still in development, but unfortunately only very very slow. Currently it is somewhere between cool new listview and half broken formulas... But yes, i'm interested in having the shortcut in other places, but i currently have no idea, where it would be helpful. Opening a waypoint would not help, as in the waypoint view there is nothing you can really enter. So the shortcut in waypoint should also open the cache, as the shortcut in the mainlist already does. Any ideas from the audience?


I second this proposal.

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