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Menu button non functional

Solved joeloc Locus Map (Android) Comments: 20 Reply 7 years ago by Menion
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The "More >" menu item appears too early

Not a Problem joeloc Locus Map (Android) Comments: 2 Reply 6 years ago by joeloc
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"Solver" option in geocache waypoint screen

Collecting votes Locke Other add-ons Comments: 3 Reply 3 years ago by Sergio G.
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Geocaching update in quick menu

Collecting votes Jelle R. add-on Geocaching4Locus Comments: 1 Reply 3 years ago by Menion
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Adjust the quick menu

Answered Jelle R. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 11 Reply 2 years ago by Jelle R.
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Menu on button Rotate Map doesn't open

Archived Alex Locus Map (Android) Comments: 5 Reply 15 months ago by Andrea S.
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Geocaching: Crashes & strange UI behaviour

Closed Urs B. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 3 Reply 9 months ago by Zdeněk K.
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