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Support for app "Waze"

yakilie shared this idea 8 years ago


I used to have locus allways active on my phone when I go somewhere, using the navigation, so I can see if there is a geocache somewhere on my road. But now I need waze to go to work, because the trafficjam is more important when I go somewhere than geocaching.....

But would it be possible to create an Addon on locus with waze in it so it can be combinated?

That would be so great!!!!


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Good day Anne,

unfortunately this is not technically possible. In Android exists options to create some extensions to certain application (like Locus or others), but these apps has to be prepared for such "extension" and Waze is not. So sorry.

On second side, even if there will be some option to do some cooperation between these app, I can't imagine what these apps may do together when one is focused on car navigation (nothing more) and second on hike & bike (primary).

Thanks for understanding.


Hello, I wanted to pass any point (cache or POI) to Waze to navigate to (Android 6). What I found in Locus is:

- open geocache details

- "> Map applications" from the bottom menu

- "> More"

- Waze


Good day Michal,

is mentioned method working for you? What you have found is really general "call" into system and depend on applications if they will be able to understand it and use it. Most of they should be able to correctly handle it, so hope Waze is one of them.


Yes! it is working :)

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