Wear for Locus as standalone app

Seb M shared this idea 13 months ago
Collecting votes

wear for locus is great. thank you.

i use locus as my primary tracking app (instead of strava and all the others). i would guess many do the same. therefor i think it would be great to record a track with the watch (using the build in gps / barometer / heart rate) without taking the phone. the track could then be transfered to the phone when a connection is established. this would be pretty much what the wear version of strava does.

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Wtedy byłaby to najlepsza aplikacja :-) na świecie.


Hello guys,

I agree that this feature would be really nice, but it is not planned for now, or at least not in the short-term, since it is not so easy to implement.

So, please, if you are interested in this feature, definitely add a vote here to let us know that this feature is really wanted.


Oh, how I wish to be able to have all my locus lovings on phone and watch, but would be able to leave phone at home when running 🏃 :-)