Where to obtain good maps of Czech Republic?

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I know this is off-topic, but I hope you will understand because I think it is the best place to ask:) I`m preparing myself for a trip to my favourite country, so I want to have good maps.

So please, where can I find any good maps of Czech Republic? I know a few on-line sources like: mapy.cz, geoportal.gov.cz, geoportal.cuzk.cz. I just added them to MOBAC, so I will be able to download lots of them. I will also explore shocart and smartmaps.

But maybe you know more? I`m pretty sure there is more on-line Czech maps, I just don`t remember them. Or maybe you know or have any off-line maps? I`m aiming in Tesin and Bystrice.

Maybe you have any nice POIs for Czech Republic or already prepared sqlitedbs? I can exchange for Polish ones:P

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seems you already know everything about maps in czech ;)

Generally there are two big players with digital hiking maps. One are SHoCart and second seznam.cz (or mapy.cz). mapy.cz and PLANStudio (in Locus online maps) are the same. Maps has same source or little bit different color theme, but are same.

maps on geoportal are also nice and usable, but it`s usually some older historical or statistical maps, not exactly suitable for hiking. At least they`re not much fresh.

Also do not forget on vector maps ;). Czech people are very active in OSM mapping. You may see it for example on sizes of vector maps - CR and Poland maps has same size, but covered area is quite different.

As I know, there is no other big player with maps in czech. You may also check http://amapy.centrum.cz/ , where are also quite nice hiking maps, but If I know correctly, they`re based on data from SHOCart.

And sqlite - sorry, no I don`t have. All these main maps are paid, so I respect this. If I personally use map, then I use online or in 90% vector map, that cover czech perfectly


Thanks for answer! Of course first and main thing is a vector map. Already prepared. I also bought some tiles from SHoCart.

I have another question.

Is there any company which provides cheap (or any) SIM card with internet in Czech Republic? I have my sim-unlocked Desire Z, and I might be in need of having internet there. So I`m wondering if any company offers any quick,cheap sim card with internet on it. I will be there only for few days, but just in case....


Sure, you`re welcome.

About internet ... I don`t use anything like this, but as I quickly search, all three main players, T-mobile, O2, Vodafone, have some pre-paid cards also with internet. We`ve got one of worst phone offers in Europe from these three monsters (they`re all three same), so also prices are all same.

So I think it should simply work by buying some pre-paid card (sim + credit) on post or in newsstand and by activating internet for a few days. I anyway do not have any experience with this, but I`m sure, it will be simple :)


Ok. I came back from my favourite country and I would like to share my insights.

It was wonderful, we were lucky with a weather. I was there with my girlfriend. We were based in Bystrice, in Frydek-Mistek area. Interesting area, I was dreaming of practicing my Czech language and when I came there, people were talking with me in Polish. I was disappointed, but not for a long time. When I started to feel confident in talking in Czech language ( after long time of a break), people stopped to recognise that I`m Polish and they were not trying to switch to my language. I was happy to acknowledge that I understand about 80%-90% of the Czech TV, so I was watching some old classic Czech films:) :)

We started to make a list, what is better in Czech Republic and worse in Poland. And the list is really long. I`m always amazed to discover that again. Czech Republic is just like a better version of Poland. For example trains; we were living 50m from a railway and sometimes road trucks were louder than these modern trains on modern rail tracks! Haha, and now I hear that Ceske Drahy will get on the Polish market.I`m not surprised, rail is amazing in CR!

People are also better, smiling, nice. Statistically it is just easier to find a nice person in CR than in Poland. People are just more optimistic! We even heard a jokes how Polish people are always complaining and Czech people will say: "it is bad, but we will somehow manage to fix it".

Another better thing is ... cheese! I can understand, why Polish people are so scared of stinky cheese. I just love that in almost any Czech restaurant I have a guarantee I will find a dish with Niva or Hermelin. I also love Olomoucke Tvaruzky and Pivni Syr and Romadur. Of course my fridge always stinks, but they are amazing in taste! In Poland? Boredom! No stinky cheese in restaurants and shops. It is really rare to find it anywhere.

I have mixed feelings about beer. I`m not sure if its still so good as it was 4 years ago. I suprised they are not putting an amount of extract on the labels anymore ( at least for Radegast and Kozel). I thought it was the most important thing to tell the customers about amount of extract. That was always shocking for me, because it was not practiced in Poland. In Poland you were only seeing % of alcohol in beer. But now this also changed in CR! I bet this is a bad sign! Any comments on that?

Finally, we became engaged on one of the Czech mountains:) Golden ring and so on..:) I`m really happy I did that in Czech Republic. I think it is a sign:P


We were on a bikes so we tried to explore as many cyclotracks as possible. ShoCart maps were very good for that, but not perfect. I`m used to Polish commercial touristic maps from Compass and Galileo where I have every single forest path, even the smallest and forgotten. ShoCart is not so detailed, I found places where I felt abandoned, because I didn`t have enough paths on a map, only green area of forest. I would say, if their maps will be more detailed, they would be perfect.

I also found a few mistakes or non-existing objects on their maps. Even some bridges were still depicted there, but in reality they didn`t exist. But overall, I`m really happy I took them with me.

We were amazed by a professionalism of cyclotracks themselves. They were all marked, in a perfect condition, even with a road signs for a bikers. Big respect for that. And I have two questions here:

1. Are some of cyclotracks a semi-commercial in nature? I saw many Radegast (beer company) logos placed on the cyclotrack labels. How is this possible? Are the companies taking care of thee tracks?

2. In our area we had cyclotracks with numbers higher than 6000. So are all tracks in CR marked with so high numbers? Every track has its own unique number?

As a result of all these amazing discoveries and events - I decided to move permanently to this beautiful country. I believe in a few months it will be possible to meet me in Prague or Brno:)


Should we delete this thread?


Hi elmuSSo,

very nice long story. Are you really sure you want to delete it? :)

I was little busy so sorry for a late response. In time you were on trip in czech, I was at same time in Moravskoslezske beskydy, probably few km below you. Nevermind, we`ll probably meet at Prague :)

Anyway I think you see it too positive. Probably thanks to just a few days you were here now. Every country has it`s pros and negatives, same here. Some are bigger, some smaller. Current president is nice example of huge problem :D

Anyway about cyclotracks - as I know, they`re all funded by government/regions, not by any commercial subjects. And ads? They`re everywhere ... Czech is completely full of these stupid ads, tv, billboards, radio, everywhere in abnormal amount ... And numbers .. to be true, I have no idea :)

anyway seems you really enjoyed your trip, weather was also fine. Good to hear :)


Yeah, I heard about problems with government, politics and corruption. But at least Czechs are optimistic, in Poland too many people are pessimistic.


do you really feel so big difference?

I cannot compare. Was in Poland just once a few years ago on a bike and was really surprised by kind people, so it`s really place-specific :)

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