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WW15MGH.DAC download to incorrect place

gynta shared this question 7 years ago

Assigned my 'data/srtm' folder to extSD

but Locus saved the altitude correction data file into intern SD


Do you see any problems there?



There is no result about "WW15MGH.DAC" inside FAQ & Knowledge base

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Good afternoon gynta,

you already reported issue with not-deleted downloaded files on Locus forum. It's also weird because I'm checking a code and Locus use exactly same function to store and extra basic HGT files and as well, this geoid corrections file.

Interesting. Shouldn't be on your device some problem like one file with Locus Map Pro, some with Beta Locus Map Free, or some incorrect settings in one version vs another?

Anyway this will probably needs some enabled logging in Beta version, so you will have to wait.


That's why I mark this post as an question, because I don't know when i have downloaded the WW15MGH.DAC

Maybe it was with PRO with different Settings. If Locus need this file in the data/srtm path, i just move the file - no problem.

...and waiting for next beta is one of my hobbies :D


Ah so it's possible that you already had downloaded this file before your changed a path? Well, I though that on request to download (in altitude manager, automatic offset), Locus download this file to incorrect path. May you delete this file and try to download it again?


Ah thx for bumping.

@Menion. As I wrote, I post as "Question" - not as an "Problem" :)

Anyway: It works correctly! Sorry for panic.

Question -> Answered!

Problem -> Not a Problem!

@Michal: thx for ignoring...


Hello gynta,

oki, answered :).

Btw. symbol "@" do not automatically add anyone from Locus team to a topics. I need to subscribe them manually. And because I do not think, that information about this file is important and useful for common users, I also did not subscribe Michal to this topic.


@Menion: ah ok, thx for answer :)

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