www.locusmap.eu "page does not allow to zoom"

gynta shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

very bad idea.


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[edit]...on mobile browser


That is what I wanted to ask, where.

Fine ... why? Don't know, it is just how mobile pages usually works last years. Page optimized to width of device screen without ability to zoom in/out.

Maybe Peter or Michal know better then me, why this design is used?

From my user point of view, it makes using web page easy and fluent. No worry about accidental zoom, no worry about some scroll to left/right.


As I know there wasn't any requirement to have map zoom-able for mobile devices. Honestly I don't even know if it is some standard. Is it such problem?


Standard? I don't know. but I think 90% of websites are zoomable. Isn't it?

Problem? Yep, with my eyes ;D

Please let the user decide whether a zoom is useful / helpful or not.

Locus is a outdoor app and some times i want to read information outside - on my tiny display too.

helpdesk, forum, google+, facebook, twitter,... - YES

homepage - NO

Is there a problem to allow zoom?


"Is there a problem to allow zoom?"

Do not know, we are quite lame when it comes to some html stuff :).

Btw. my test:

helpdesk - NO

What is missing there, is from my point of view quite common button - "DESKTOP/MOBILE". Btw. isn't this also possible define directly in web browser? In most of them it should be quite simply from main menu.



> helpdesk - NO

Hey menion. you know it! helpdesk in mobile mode (user agent android) on small devices is the worst thing ever. i have to use "desktop mode" ;) and so i'm able to zoom.

I'm sorry to waste your time Menion.

pls don't care about this problem.

michal or/and petr hopfuly will do this for you :D

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