Guidance notification on Amazfit watches

kwizatz haderach shared this idea 4 weeks ago
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As far as know, Locus isn't able to send information directly to Amazfit smart watches. I presently own an Amazfit Bip and Locus can receive the watch heart rate information without problems, but I still haven't found a way to receive location and pressure data collected by the watch sensors.

But I'm getting offtopic...

I would like to receive guidance notifications in my watch when I'm geocaching, as an example. There are specific apps that can be configured so as to detect other app notifications (badges) and send them to the watch but, unfortunately, Locus doesn´t display a badge notification when in guidance mode and that option could do the trick.

Something similar to the POI alert, with some guidance information (POI, distance, bearing...) with an adjustable refresh frequency (or not). I already tested with the POI alert notifications from Locus and I receive them in the watch just fine.

These Amazfit watches are becoming increasingly popular and their potential (and that of Locus) deserves to be fully explored.

I hope I've made any sense and I'm glad to provide further information.

Thank you for your work.


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To the developers: Is this suggestion easy to implement? And if so, would you consider add it even if this suggestion won't gather enough votes?

Thank you.



we haven't even discussed some extended support for Amazfit watches yet, although they seem quite popular lately.

But regarding notification during navigation/guidence I have just gotten assured by Menion that this is definitely planned for this year as a part of changes in navigation service to better support Android 8 devices.

So yes, I would say it is almost certain to get implemented to some extend even without votes.

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Thank you for your reply. Those are good news. If you need someone to test something, just say so.

Regards and keep up the great work.


i support this idea!

but one moment:

I often go with a clock without a phone. it would be nice if the program connected to the clock and downloaded from there the route that I did.

I think it will be convenient.

Thank you.