Start of individual Navigation app using point's context menu

sonny shared this idea 2 years ago
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I want to quickly start my own offline Navigation App ("HERE Maps") when clicking at a point's context menu. Right now when clicking onto "Navigate to" just the internal Locus-Navigation screen is openend.

But I don't want to use these Locus powered Navigation methods, just open the "HERE Maps"-App out of the context menu. Right now I just can start these app with several additional clicks, which is of course tedious:

  • click on point
  • click on the left side of point's popup-window
  • click onto "puzzle" icon
  • click onto "Map apps"
  • click onto "Navigation apps"
  • now "HERE Maps" starts with the point's coordinates as Finish of the Route

Or alternatively make it chooseable within Settings/Navigation what the prefered Navigation method/app should be. (Locus internal navigation like BRouter etc. or external app like HERE maps). So each time I click onto the "Navigate to"-icon somewhere in Locus, this prefered Navigation method is going to be used, even if it is an external app.