Incorporate LoPoints into Search, and search by more metadata

Andrew Heard shared this idea 16 days ago
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I note LoPoints have been marked "Beta" for a year or two; they are in need of some "tender loving care". For example LoPoints are not integrated with other parts of Locus. In particular the search within LoPoints (below)...

1387ab0121fc6197f4437a7d302f616d completely separate from the overall Search


and should there even be a distinction between "points" and "LoPoints" anyway? Maybe seamless integration, or just a checkbox?

At present for LoPoints it is only possible to search by matching partial text. How about search by other metadata such as Amenity? For example I never remember whether "Toilets" are part of "Public Service" or "Culture & Tourism" LOL. Typing "toi" (or for some "WC" - although only 2 letters!) into a LoPoints search could/ should find all closest toilets right?


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The search with only 2 letters has already been implemented in LM4. The search in Lopoints is still missing


I have many points of my own with all sorts of things. Sometimes only hints or ... I have these in a separate folder or group.

Then I have POIs that I downloaded from the Internet. I also have these in a group and then in folders.

When searching in Points, I would like to be able to limit the search to certain groups or folders.

And I like to have the option "search in Lopoints" like in the last picture.

I would like to have this selection again next time. So it should be saved.