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locus no longer sends destination coords to garmin drive app

bongo shared this problem 16 months ago
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i use locus together with my garmin drivesmart 65, which is controlled from the garmin drive app for android.

so far, i was able to send a target location from locus to the drive app, which then immediately opened the map at this position with the button to send it to the garmin drivesmart 65 device.

sending the position to the drive app from locus was done with "teilen / weitere kartenanwendungen / drive" (probably called "share / other mapping tools / drive" in the english version).

i was last using this with locus 3.51.3 end of april without any issues. now that i'm on locus 3.52.1, it does not work anymore. when doing so, the garmin drive app still opens but it does not seem to get any destination data to navigate to.

this might either be an issue on locus or garmin side. but the fact is that according to android play, the garmin app had no updates since 20.4.21, i was probably running this version successful with the former version of locus.

so since a few days now, i am no more able to send destination point from locus to the drive app.

when doing so, the drive app is still opened, but does not get the destination location, i.e. it opens as it would have been opened without getting any destination coordinates.

what has been changed with the latest update of the locus app?

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we are sorry for any inconvenience but testing the app didn't prove anything anomalous. Moreover, nothing has changed in the app in the way it shares coordinates with other apps.


further investigation shows that this seems to be a problem on garmin side - looks like there is an instability of their app.

so i'm sorry for reporting this as a locus bug.

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