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Allow Web Planner chart to be zoomed in-out

Andrew Heard shared this idea 16 months ago

At present the online chart is only for the whole recorded track. Therefore with a long track much detail may be hidden, for example steep slope. It would be great if the chart could be zoomed in similar to RideWithGPS and the map synchronized.b5394d57a4ea837778e6638b8143c115

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Hi Andrew, thank you for your idea. Actually, you can zoom in right now only the controls are different. To zoom in/out you can use mouse wheel or zoom gesture on mobile phones ;).



Another interesting feature shown in RideWithGPS is possibility to select part of the track and visualise it on the map + display statistics. Is this something you wanted to cover in this idea or was mainly about possibility to zoom?


Wow - I never knew you could already zoom on the chart - thanks. Works nicely.

>"select part of the track and visualise it on the map + display statistics"

To be honest it was mainly about the zoom, but having the statistics update/relate directly to the zoomed area is also a great/ useful idea.


Thanks, then I will close this ticket and create ticket for statistics of selected track part to our "ideas for the future" list. If you consider it important feature (or someone else), please, create new idea and let others vote for it ;).

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