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I would like to carefully enquire about the support for Geocaching in Locus Maps. I use Locus very intensively on my caching and mountain tours and have already been able to make quite a few mountain friends happy with use and to install it. I have always been very satisfied with the functions for my caches along the way. But it seems that after the adaptations of Locus 4 and due to changes in Android and also innovations in Geocaching, it has become quiet about the GC extensions in Locus. ‎‎

I waited for the many changes around Locus since last year, but now I would like to ask whether GC will continue to be supported and whether more functions will be added? In one place or another, like here, Menion had already mentioned this. I hope that it will continue here.

- The export in the FieldNote addon hasn't worked for some time, see here

- In the cache details, the "Hint" was added some time ago as quick access. I thought i had asked whether one could not also include the images, but now i created a own Idea request here. Especially with the mountain tours I despair every time when I first have to click on the cache symbol in the map, then menu and pictures, instead of on the 3 points that are already visible during the route guidance.

- Optimization for search and import a GC-Link, i have just created a Idea for this here

- Also in general I find it a bit cumbersome to look at the whole description in the new LM4 cache view. You first have to click on the cache where you see the feature, ok. For initial description you scroll down, also ok if it's just a tradi without relevant content. But for the full description, I have to click again. This is sometimes very inconvenient on the way. Maybe there would be the possibility to add another button next to the title to show the listing?

- On the subject of Lab Caches, even though they are a separate API, they now belong to the Geocache types. Is there a possibility for you to develop such an interface so that at least the basic information and a link are displayed? Yes, it is possible to use gcutil and it works fine, but maybe it can include more like with own symbols and maybe waypoints like a multi cache.

I think there are still many Locus and Geocache users who would be happy about further optimizations or extensions. Also i think there a lot users who use the special tools, like Solver Addon, Circle- and Line-Tools and so on, because it simple works. :-)

In general, Locus is a super great app, I wouldn't want to miss it any more. Especially the route guidance, route planning, POI information or offline navigation and the LoMaps are ingenious. Many thanks for this!


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thanks for the ideas.

Actually, there have always been good plugins for Geocaching, so we didn't have to implement many features directly into Locus and could focus on other features.

Due to the current situation, we will have to consider whether to extend the support of GC tools in Locus.

However, this would entail many additional follow-up tasks for which there is no capacity at the moment.

Zdenek, Locus team

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