track export menu - "track to route", "GPX version"

Rostislav Psota shared this question 2 months ago

Hello (ahoj), I created track in mobile app, which I intend to use in my Garmin Fenix watch for navigation. In the export track menu there are two options, which are not clear to me - track to route (on/off) and GPX version (1.0, 1.1). Could you please advice me, what to choose to get most of the created track in my Garmin Fenix during navigation? thank you

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Hello, I don´t have a Fenix, but:

The option "Track to route" writes the track out as Route.
Normaly a Route on Garmin is limmited to a number of Points. (depending on which Fenix you have)

A Track can store more Points, than a Route, but a route can include turn directions additionally.

I would try to use GPX version 1.1. (some additional expressions possible)

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