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Boudewijn van Dongen shared this problem 6 months ago

When creating a route in the app (using routeplanner) it is synced to the web application. However, the "type of activity" used for routing is not properly synced.

Hence, when opening the route in the web for editing and I click "edit", the summary correctly shows: "activity profile" car, but when I then click "open in planner" the planner suddenly selects the activity "walking" instead of "car".

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Hi Boudewijn,

I've recently tested both our car profiles – Eko and Fast – and I didn't observe the issues you've described. Could you please provide some screenshots to illustrate what you're experiencing? Additionally, could you let me know which router you are using in the LM app? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Ondrej


It took me a while, but I managed to recreate the problem.

You can find a full step-by-step guide to reproduce two bugs in the attached files. This also relates to the second question in this bug report:

So there are two problems here:

1) Changing an imported GPX track means that the planner looses the folder location where it is stored, and

2) Changing an importad GPX to a different profile means that the profile does not get stored for all segments.

Hope the guide helps.


In the LM App, I normally use the online GraphHopper router, but in this bug, it is about an imported track with the "couch" icon. I cannot seem to reproduce the issue starting from a fresh track in either the app or the planner.

The GPX I attached is from an external publisher (comes with a book)


Hello Boudewijn,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback on the behaviors you've observed.

  1. The behavior you mentioned is actually intentional, but you've highlighted a user comprehension issue. For tracks without planner input (imported or recorded), we only offer the option to save the track as a new one. This is because saving it otherwise would replace all the track data, including any sensor data like heart rate, with planner-generated data. Hence, folder or activity details aren't filled in. When saving a planned track, you'll see a dialog offering options to "save (overwrite)" or "save as new." We acknowledge the need for clarity in this process and will consider enhancements, perhaps by making it more evident in the save dialog that a NEW track will be created.
  2. The issue you encountered with multiple waypoints at the same location is indeed a rare bug. Your precise description was extremely helpful. I've fixed this issue, and the update will be included in the next release, which is expected in approximately 7-14 days.

Kind regards,


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