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Aleksandr Burantsev shared this idea 3 days ago
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2 years ago I already asked this question, but its relevance for me did not disappear.

I have been using the Locus Pro for a long time, I like everything, especially layers and quick WWW bookmarks. Thanks for this great app!

I go in for ballooning sports, and in sports tasks it is important to see a circle around points with a certain radius. For example, in order to see target measurement zones on the ground or in virtual tasks. It is important for us to create a lot and often round areas. In each task, they are different every day.

It is desirable that the circles be with the ability to choose the size, transparency of the fill and its color. The radius of the circle could be added in the parameters of the point near the address (like in the Ozi Explorer). I do not think that it is very difficult to implement, but it would be very useful not only for ordinary users, but also for the whole sport.

Many pilots and judges are waiting for this simple function. We are need a quck and easy method to create circular areas around points so that more people can use the Locus constantly.

The other day I will tell my colleagues about the Locus at a conference in the Zoom, and a lot of people have already gathered for this conference.

Dear Menion, on behalf of our community, please add this feature!))


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Hello Alexandr

+1 from me

perhaps a solution for you till this feature is implemented...


@ menion

is it possible to use UTM coords inside openair.txt?

at balloon competitions this format is normaly used to declare a target


Thanks, Wolfgang!

I have already seen this method, but I think you will agree that at ballooning competitions the last thing people want to think about - is editing TXT files. We need a quick and easy way to draw circles and other areas on the map with the ability to quickly edit these areas. Often the situation changes right in the field, and you already need to fly, and there is no time to open the notepad. You know how many people will be able to appreciate Locus if such an opportunity arises in it.

I am very glad to meet a colleague here!))

I hope you are fine in this difficult situation in the world


From Russia with love