Dont ignore the Via Points as Default setting in the Route Planner

Andrew Heard shared this idea 9 months ago

The Route Planner has a setting "Via points as default".


When you add a new point, it will (should?) be either a Via (blue square icon) or Shaping (green triangle icon) point depending on this setting right?


But if you tap on an existing point (for example blue arrow icon below), which may have been made visible to use as a Via or Shaping point, the new point is always a Via point. The setting is ignored. It is not currently possible to add a Shaping point by this workflow. You then have to tap the new Via point & change it to a Shaping point.


My suggestion is to always add points based on the setting "Via points as default".

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Hello Andrew,

interesting idea ... but, can't agree.

Your idea transfer all points into the single category: "just for shape" or "this one I definitely must visit".

But is it correct? I think there is a huuuge difference between freely added points and points added from the own point database. And by default ("Via point as default" disabled) app work with them like this. This setting was more a workaround to some more or less specific use-cases.

If you want to downgrade via-point to "shaping" point, then yes, it takes few taps. I do not have in hands any precise measurement or analysis, but I believe that default solution is optimal for most of users/use-cases.



No worries Menion. Thanks for your consideration.