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Download photos/pictures for offline use (Geocaching)

Alexander Hrncir shared this idea 6 years ago

Hi I would like to suggest something, that is really missing on Locus Pro/Geocaching4Locus. The App has EVERYTHING to go caching offline, you got the map, you got the cache informations and also the logs. But still you dont got the pics (like Pictures loggers postet in the cache-logs or spoiler pics from the owner). That is really annoying sometimes, because if you are in the deep nature and you got no internet and you need a picture (because you cant find the cache or whatever), you need to walk till you got internet again.

I know this would cost much space if you download a big amount of caches, but that would be the decission of the user... if there would be the option =)

If there is a possibility to download pictures of single caches for offline use, please let me know, I dont know everything about Locus ;)

Thank you and regards

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Hi Alexander,

i think with more or less effort, all you want is possible with Locus/GC4L .

There are large differences of information inside a geocache, depending how you import geocaches to locus e.g PQ, gpx, link, GC4L

I have build an overview for myselfe for better understanding different behavior, see attached .doc

Listing and spoiler photos you can store for offline use with offlinizer


>If there is a possibility to download pictures of single caches for offline use, please let me know<

Thumbnail photos inside logs are visible after "update cache" see screenshot, if you want to have them full size stored for offline use you have to open each individually in advance with WIFI.




First of all, thanks Wolfgang, great job! May I "borrow" your table and post it in our manual? Will be much appreciated!

And Alexander, hope you understand, anyway you might rather welcome Czech version of GC offlinizer explanation:


Hi Michal

you are welcome , but please verify english text ..... i´m out of shool more than 40 years ;-)

and content of table is" without guarantee"

And if needed attached table in german language,

also for Alexander i noticed in meantime he posted also in german board


Thank you for your answers, I will check this out, when I make the tutorial about downloading caches (for youtube)

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