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Editing location of waypoint in a track not possible

Ingo Rau shared this problem 8 years ago

When I record a track and set waypoints while recording, these points are then linked with the track and will be shown/hidden together with the track. I can delete them, though not add new ones (see I can also edit them just like any other point in the database (name, icon, description), except not the location.

Now this I would understand if they were linked to a specific trackpoint, but they don't seem to be: I can move the track or delete a section around the waypoint such that the track doesn't touch the waypoint anymore, but it doesn't affect the waypoint.

Is there another reason why the location field of a waypoint is grey and cannot be edited like any other point in the database?

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Hello Ingo,

> Now this I would understand if they were linked to a specific trackpoint, but they don't seem to be

Yes, and this is a problem, because they should be. There was a lot of changes around editing/moving etc. of trackpoints. But I sometimes forget on waypoints itself. So issue here really is, that existing waypoints do not reflect new/changed state of track.

I'll try to step-by-step, improved this, thanks for warning!


Ok, thank you for looking into it.

But does that mean that in the future the waypoint location will be editable or that they will be linked to (and therefore moved/deleted with) corresponding trackpoint? Just curious what to prepare for ;)


To be true, I do not know. There is absolutely correct push to merge editing of tracks with feature "add new route". I'm well aware that whole system, build step by step is quite complicated and some re-creating should be really useful. Anyway currently I need to do so much other tasks ...

So for now, sorry, you have to live with what exists now, and on question "to prepare for" - even I do not know for sure. Thanks for understanding.


I understand, it's a complex story.

For me, this one is more of a "side topic", my main wishes for making the "waypoint experience" better are still and

Anyway, I'll appreciate all additions in this part of Locus which you have the time of doing.

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