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Garmin - Accuracy / Delay + waypoint navigation

Sebastian shared this question 2 years ago


Got a garmin related question, bought and tested the navigation today (VA 4s) but could not really find settings that made biking with the watch and locus maps working well.

What I want: Import tracks from komoot, navigate along the track (or navigate, i dont mind)

What i got: quite bad accuracy of the navigation on the watch (not talking about the map Delay) - navigation instructions were 20 to 25m delayed, even though i did not ride particulary fast. For instance 5 or 10m before a turn the locus App on the phone did know exactly where i Was, but the watch said "turn left in 30m" when the notification beep (when approaching your turn) is activated i get it like exactly where i should have turned - too late. After waiting on the turn for a few seconds, the watch narrows in at 10m which may be fine, since the waypoint was little bit off the middle of the example-crossroad.

2nd thing which is quite annoying - there seems to be nö "follow the Route" or "continue straight" - it alway tells you "keep left/right" on a curvy way (without any intersections) every 100 or 200m depending on the waypoints - but it uses the same wording for a "Real" Navigation instruction if your way is splitting up for example and you have to follow left or right - with 30m delay of course.

Is there anything i can Do about this? Like cleaning the track of useless waypoints?

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VA4 doesn't support track import to internal storage, so the only option is to use navigation remotely controlled via Locus Map app in your Android. There always will be some delay due to nature and possibilities of Connect IQ platform, but in your case the delay is quite high. Alerts were optimised to count with some delay, so not sure why you are getting updated info on your watch that late. What phone do you have?

Garmin replicate navigation instructions from Locus Map Android app. You can get also "continues straight" instruction. Quality of navigation instruction are affected by way how you create track which you are trying to follow. You imported track from Komoot in your case? Try just start up navigation and calculate route directly via Locus Map to see whether you will get better results.



So after switching from a Galaxy S7 to a Huawei P30 the delay decreased to 15 to 20m, but I think it also depends a little bit on where locus is setting the exact point for the turn. So that's OK now

Unfortunately I got a new problem with the huawei: I cannot get the navigation auto screen on / screen off function working. I made it to always on, locus has the permission to change the phones unlock modes and they are deactivated indeed, but as I soon as I turn on the auto-off function the screen will dim after a few seconds and turn off after another few seconds without coming back again before the next turn. Is that a known problem? Never tested with the galaxy though.


As it seems I keep repeating about the same subject over and over.

So pse find / filter what you eventually need in the next contributions in the links.

Problem 1. Timing: in seconds before turn of command. (You can change to your needs)

- Find in config.cfg (More about config.cfg "how to" find in the Locus manual)

Problem 2. Screen on/off

I do suppose you are asking +/- similar as in this recent help item - If not the Locus team will assist you further.

- Find in config.cfg. (More about config.cfg "how to" find in the Locus manual)

- The suggested default setting is probably not optimal ? (You can change to your needs)


Thanks! Will do!

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