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Import menu > Route to track.

0709 shared this idea 4 years ago

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Locus version 3.38.4 > "red arrows" are replaced by "black dots".




I'm thinking about this idea and I'm not fan of extra settings.

What about an automatic system that will convert all really basic (only coordinates + elevation) <rtept> points directly into trackpoints and left only <rtept> with type or any extra information as current waypoints? May this have some unwanted side-effect? Is anyone importing <rte> with just a few route-points and then use these generated waypoints in Locus Map? I do not see real usage, but rather asking.


I know routes by Garmin by few limited (minimal) (must pass) routepoints.

By Basecamp export > path details are found in the extension gpxx points.

It is not that Garmin specific gpx 1.1 route format we are talking about.

It is about a simple direct route(rte) method by multiple simple (no info) rtept points.

Similar to (trk)track but changed into rte_(multiple)rtept's + some informative (isolated) waypoints.

Such a method is not used in EU mainland but some (popular) US websites do ?

See the original direct route, the source is sure a (cleaned) recorded (trk)track.

Why the conversion into a direct (rte) route ? Sorry but I really do not know what it is good for.

Actual Locus import creates you a (wanted) path + multiple unessary (+ delay !) waypoints.

By a *complicated method (new user !) it is possible to delete the annoying waypoints.

* Must keep THE orginal attached informative waypoints !

See this tread please.

I tought the Locus helpdesk answer was not optimal.

The proposed method could do the job fast and simple. No ?

I know = solving a problem caused by this (I keep polite) strange (US) Alltrails system.


Hello Willy,

oki, but I do not get a direct answer on my question from your answer. I also agree that the import route created from 1000 <rtept> point, which results in route in Locus Map with 1000 waypoints, is stupid ... but correct.

So, what I proposed in my previous post is simple: for <rte> routes, in the case when <rtept> will be really simple trackpoint with only location and elevation, Locus Map uses this <rtept> as simple TrackPoint and not a waypoint. The result will be exactly what you want.

And my only question is: if anyone has any usage for <rte> imported with the current system where every <rtept> is ALWAYS a waypoint.

I'll publish this modification into next Beta version, so everyone may try it on own tracks, but I believe it may work correctly.


Aha, okido I do understand now. Your Q: No sir, no usage

Very curious about the no extra menu solution ;-)

Curious = what the attached file import will do ? (No worry !)


Hmm result probably exactly what you expect :)


All rtept without any extra (no type, no sym, no name, ...) are converted to trkpt and rest is used as waypoints. Hmm?


Hmm ? Nice !


What about an automatic system that will convert all really basic (only coordinates + elevation) <rtept> points directly into trackpoints

Basic = coordinates + elevation AND timestamp ?

(Allows reimport of gpx rte exported Locus tracks by accident)


"Direct route" import display by V3.38.7.1 Beta is perfect.

Warning ! It seems display of "Garmin" route is changed ! (Bee lines between rtept)

Compare attached file display in V3.38.7 Pro <-> V3.38.7.1 Beta.


Hello Willy, ah damn, thanks! Found & fixed.

Because there is no other feedback on this topic, I'm marking it as completed.

So since next version 3.39, import of rte-based routes over GPX file will be improved and the plain rte-route point will be used as basic <trk> and not as main via-points.

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