Improve the Locus track point editor.

0709 shared this idea 7 months ago
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Offer simple track POINT edit direct into *Via OR **Nav point by:

* 1. Pictogram Garmin or Locus (Points).

** 2. Pictogram Navigation.

Actual method = Use the Locus Routeplanner. (No need for any trackposition change)

a. Unexpectedly can reroute the track even by one single false tap = (re)routing. Brr...soo critical.

b. Imported Nav or Via Point containing already prepared 'name' 'cmt' 'sym' text info is lost at the routeplanner export. (Also imported Nav_Via points that you did not touch nor retune/change)

Why a simple task by the more complicated (agressive= destroying existing imported info) routeplanner ?

Yes, the Locus Route Planner is a performant engine but can't replace the simple individual trackpoint fine tune edits as in older Locus versions.

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Have only just "discovered" this idea. No other votes? Must agree with @0709 that sometimes just a simple individual trackpoint fine tune edit would be the way to go.