Improve the Locus track point editor.

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Offer simple track POINT edit direct into *Via OR **Nav point by:

* 1. Pictogram Garmin or Locus (Points).

** 2. Pictogram Navigation.

Actual method = Use the Locus Routeplanner. (No need for any trackposition change)

a. Unexpectedly can reroute the track even by one single false tap = (re)routing. Brr...soo critical.

b. Imported Nav or Via Point containing already prepared 'name' 'cmt' 'sym' text info is lost at the routeplanner export. (Also imported Nav_Via points that you did not touch nor retune/change)

Why a simple task by the more complicated (agressive= destroying existing imported info) routeplanner ?

Yes, the Locus Route Planner is a performant engine but can't replace the simple individual trackpoint fine tune edits as in older Locus versions.

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Have only just "discovered" this idea. No other votes? Must agree with @0709 that sometimes just a simple individual trackpoint fine tune edit would be the way to go.


I would like to have a point on the route with a name and an icon. But it shouldn't be a via. At the moment I only have one direction point, but here I can only assign direction icons.


What is needed is a kind of info point.

Routing: no via, invisible for routing

Navigation: In the navigation field as a point visible with approach

Notification: Announcement via TTS

Icon: freely selectable

Name: freely selectable

Example: reference to an abbreviation, reference to a restaurant nearby, reference to the last water point


Info Points: Attached by a strict association with a single trackpoint (and so in fact are a strict part of the track)

But Info Points are NO TARGET references in the Planner router nor TARGET references at navigation rerouting calculations.

Therefore the Via and Shape point designation indication should be 100% UNAMBIGIOUS.

If not indicated any other points are NOT to be considered Via or Shape TARGET router reference points.

And also the valuable (Planner) Shape Points at gpx file exports/reimports should be kept intact.

Attach the Via AND Shape designation in gpx export/reimports by the gpx free gpx element Type.

By Type text "Via" or "Shape" the indication is discretely and 100% robust but clearly attached !

Find more info page 10 of next document:


Why not just embedded wpt? Isn't that what 0709 wants? I'd love if WPTs could be added via route planner.


Hi Tapio.

I suppose that by embedded waypoint you do mean the second set : (Poi waypoints)

Waypoints in Locus.

1. The Via Points, (Info Points) and eventually (hope so) the Shape Points.

So those points that are strict part of the track. Connected to each other as Siamese twins.

Shape Point idea transfers a rejected proposal:

2. Those (isolated) individual points (a little) away from the track. So Brothers and Sisters that come and go and sit wherever they want and whenever by time.

In the same single gpx file you can add and transport such Poi waypoints.

But such a basic functionality to join is not implemented nor offered in Locus. (Need external program)

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