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Navigation diagram (1) shows only 20km

Johannes Waldmüller shared this question 5 years ago

Hey there,

I've got (another) question:

Ich used many navigation apps before and meanwhile changed to locus 😉

One feature I enjoyed in e.g. Oruxmaps or Komoot is the visualization of the height meters within a selected route (for navigation/following). Especially when being on tour (hiking or mountain biking), it is extremely useful and motivating when you can see where in the height profile of the route you actually are, how steep the mountains are, where I am currently on the route and so on.

In Locus Maps you provide the so called "Navigation Diagram (1)" in the dashboard editor. That's quite similar to oruxmaps or Komoot, but unfortunately supports only a visualization to a maximum length of 20km. Especially for biking this is much too less in my eyes. Why not visualize the whole route, no matter if it's 50 or many more kilometers long? In the dashboard editor you can scale the diagram to the whole width of the screen!? Or is there another complicated problem because of that you can't provide a greater maximum? 🤔

Many thanks in advance, you are great!!! 🤗

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Hi Johannes,

main reason of the chart limit is that charts of longer routes scaled to a tiny dashboard frame would lack reasonable detail and as such would be useless - better to view smaller and detailed part of the route than the whole route compressed and without details.


Hey Michal,

thank you for your reply!

Yes, I understand your explanation.

Though, in my opinion 20km are too less. You can enlarge the place for the dashboard of you would like to see more details. And why not leave the decision if the details are enough at the user? Let him decide how many km are useful 🙂

Maybe an idea: making the diagram scrollable?


There are many ideas to implement in the dashboard feature - scrollable elements, rotating elements (compass rose) etc. Alas, too few time and other sources to implement them all at once. Other issues have priority now but maybe some time in future...

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