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Ulrich Kiermayr shared this problem 3 years ago

Some days ago I noticed a sometimes annoying behavior when navigating (with brouter). Appearently the start point over the navigation is treated as a via point and sometimes confuses locus.

This mostly happens when I start navigation before having a GPS fix (e.g. indoors before I start my ride). Then when I get out locus gets a GPS fix, and starts calculating. But since I am already moving at that time, I move away from the starting point far enough, that locus seems to think that I have not reached that via point yet. So from now on locus calculates routes that first lead me back to my starting point before moving on to the destination.

Since the via is fixed, a recalculation does not help here. Just ending navigation and starting all over helps.

I think this was not always the case, but I can't tell when it changed.

Cheers Ulrich

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Strict ? Non Strict ?


Not strict, point priority


Hello Ulrich,

thanks for a bug report. I noticed this problem as well few times during last days of field testing.

The current behaviour is an intent that was made a longer time ago also together with communication with Willy (@0709).

The intent is not to miss the start of the track. We talk here more about "bike navigation", not a "car navigation" so we may consider that start point is significant. Anyway based also on my experience, I see no problem to just skip start navigation point when you or app itself make the request on recalculation. What do you think? Willy?

Problem I see is that sometimes, we may want to start navigation along the whole track and we really want to start on starting point. So how to correctly choose if the start point is important or not?

What we need here is option to recalculate and skip next significant navigation point, hmm. Any ideas?



Just skipping the start point would be fine with me.

One difference (i think) is whether the route is generated on the fly (e.g what i do is a take me to my goal from the navigation menu) or if you chose to navigate along a predefined route (e.g. one that is downloaded from the web).

In the first case, the behaviour is kind of wrong because the start point is "where I am now" and not a point of any significance.

lG Ulrich.


I'm checking app source code and all confirm, that in case of point (not route) priority for recalculation (be aware of manual vs automatic settings), first point should really be ignored, weird.

You wrote about the situation when you start navigation before GPS has a fix, but this should not cause a problem. When new location with a "fix" appear since that place Locus starts navigation. So all should be ok.

Anyway, I'm aware of any problem here and I'll be watching it. Unfortunately, behind the desk, I'm unable to simulate it,



Some of my findings: A preliminary draft report.

No final report, by complicated time consuming tests.

[NL] "En ik krijg er kop noch staart aan".

For what ? For whom ? General interest = low.

I halted tests.

A. Track start point = No Via.

- I did not observe any (must pass) Via Point behaviour.

B. Track Point = Via (Flag).

- Locus Via Points are not strict must pass, but "skipable" (Priority) Points.

- Hard (impossible) to PREDICT the precise (re)routing results.

Video simulations: (These video's are not compact ! )

Track Start Point: Via (Flag): Simulation by 3 different user start positions. (walk/cycle)

Pos 1.

Pos 2.

Pos 3.

Track Start Point: No_Via: Simulation by 3 different user start positions.(walk/cycle)

Pos 1.

Pos 2.

Pos 3.


From out of track user position > Autorecalculate trigger to Via Point > Should select the nearest next (unconsumed) Via Point.

@ Menion: Does Locus select towards the nearest Via Point ? Or maybe just toward some trackpoint ? Strange.

Track gpx example attached. Inclusive 3 different user start navigation test positions.

On all start positions the Start Point is the nearest next (unconsumed) Via Point.

From user position 3: Start navigation. Autorecalculate navigates toward the third Via Point (The Return Flag) ?


Pos 1 to Via Start: 241 m to Lucky: 332 m to Return: 769 m (To Left 398 m)

Pos 2 to Via Start: 432 m to Lucky: 474 m to Return: 761 m (To Left 342 m)

Pos 3 to Via Start: 533 m to Lucky: 536 m to Return: 684 m (To Left 291 m)

(IMO = No urgent problem...just strange unexpected behaviour , was only recently discovered by the tests)


Willy, I'm checking exactly your steps and it behaves same for me. It is because in the third case, when you start a lot closer to track, Locus firstly find the optimal place on track and then starts recalculation. Which is correct I believe. The problem I've found seems to be not working "strict navigation" ... as usually :/.


Strange: - By a navigation start at pos 2. (By the non strict = standard navigation mode)

Shortest to track distance: From pos 2 toward the Left turn: 342 m.

But here autorecalculation navigates toward the Start (Via) Point at distance: 432 m ?

(If other more important Locus work to do, or maybe just want to enjoy the nice weather, no problem.)



Problem is very testintensive, result unpredictable. I stopped some no report

Set: Autorecalculate to point = > By out of track: Recalc trigger

Result: Navigates to nearest NEXT (unconsumed) via point.

Locus is flexible and allows (logical) skipping of some Via points !

If nearest (unconsumed) via point is the start point -> navigate to start. (ok)

But, actual Locus really considers the start point as a Via Point ?

I did not notice such a message in the Locus new version announcements.

An announced change I did not observe ? As I still manualy create a Via start point.

Anyway I know ..personal preferences do differ...a compromise ?

By Planner: Allow very fast toggling of the status of any point (= inclusive the start point).

Toggle switch: Shape <=> Via (default). By long tap on point = Free (status)edit by <name><cmt><sym>

Example at planning: Make start a Shape point.

Planning: Tap(shape) >--> tap(shape) >->-> tap tap(Via) >-> tap(shape)>->->tap tap tap(shape)>->tap(shape) etc

Example at planning : Make Start a Via point.

Planning: Tap tap(Via) >-> tap(shape) >->->tap tap(Via) >->tap(shape)>->->tap tap tap(shape)>->tap(shape) etc


In case of tracks generated by Locus via Route planner etc. start points are not considered as VIA-points! Anyway in case of track imported from you (your 'Circuit_My_points_fix.gpx'), first point is created as VIA-point , because it exists in GPX file with own name, icon etc.


Exactly Menion.

Sure, we discussed this before, but there was never such a change introduced into Locus. map

So the standard actual behaviour by Locus is still unchanged: The Start point is NOT a Via Point.

At track start: "No Via" unless a manually forcely created one as I (sometimes) do execute.


I do (did) not observe any such start point Via behaviour as was precisely described by Ulrich.


Thanks Willy,

I was playing with navigation last few days and unfortunately I'm as well unable to detect this behaviour. Anyway it happen to me once before, so there definitely is any combination/problem. So Ulrich, for now, I'm marking problem as "known" and I'll be definitely watching it.

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